Wild Singapore

Hey Everybody,

This was one of the two extraordinary adventures in Singapore. I may just be a woodland creature at heart, which is why trekking through a jungle, forest or nature preserve feels like home to me. Most of these were taken at the Central Catchment Nature Preserve and McRitchie Reservoir.

encounter a boar

I like how the sign says, ‘when’  not ‘if’ you encounter a wild boar.

boar sign
Boar sign…they had been there, but were gone by the time I got there.
big black sake
Upon entering the boardwalk, this shy fellow, a three-four foot black snake slithered out and headed to the greener area. It was sleek and gorgeous, and very fast. He must have recognized that I am a snake in Chinese astrology.
tonbo desu
Tonbo desu – a dragonfly, he was stunning
This turtle swam over to me and looked up, then swam away…I don’t know what it was expecting!
chewing gum tree jelutong
Jelutong – the chewing gum tree…one of the tallest in the forest. Ironically, it is against the law to have chewing gum in Singapore without a prescription. It’s called ‘therapeutic’ gum. If you bring in more than two packs, you are subject to caning and one year imprisonment.
squirrel hanging upside down
A plantain squirrel just hanging out.
hen and chicks
Hen and two chicks, note how they are camouflaged perfectly in the leaves.

And then there were the monkeys….long tailed macaques, specifically.  These were quite friendly, even the mother came close. People are not supposed to feed them, but I suspect they do anyway.

mother looking left

looking up

little monkey looking right


faux hawk

As I was leaving the boardwalk, a Chinese lady came up to me and said beware of the monkeys, one had just tried to grab her bag. I thanked her and headed deeper into the trail. About three kilometers into the forest, no boardwalk, I found myself surrounded and one very aggressive adolescent macaque approached.  He was trying to get behind me, but I kept him in front of me, slowly turning. Finally he took a leap at my side and I used a little GoJu Ryu block to send him into the bushes. Needless to say, he and the other macaques were not happy with me and began baring teeth. I backed up slowly and extended my selfie stick  and looked them in the eye. They growled but backed off…a Chinese couple were following about 30 feet behind and looked scared. I stood there holding my ground and had them pass safely, then I walked through. It was kind of amazing how the training kicked in without thought, or fear.

I still don’t know what it was, but it was about 3-4 feet long and came to the surface twice. Where’s Jeremy Wade when you need him most?

I encountered a local man later on and asked if there were any boars around. He said it was too early in the day, but to be careful. A lady had brought her dog and they attacked, she needed 54 stitches to close the wound. I said, she is not following the rules, no dogs allowed. He smiled and said, this is why we follow the rules! How Singaporean of him…