Singapore’s many cultures…

Hey Everybody,

These are some photos of the different cultures and sections that I visited. The food was magnificent, and I ate mostly from the Hawker Centers, this is the street food. I had a nice conversation with the Singaporean lady who made my Indian food …some sort of chicken.  She proudly proclaimed that she was Singaporean because she came here in her mother’s belly.   The fruits were fresh and exotic, sweet and tart, a lovely experience.

Little India

little india street
Street banners line Little India…


hindu temple
Hindu Temple Sri Veeramakaliamman
hindi band
I just love the drummer…he was having a good time, inside the Hindu Temple in Little India.
inside the temple
Inside Hindu Temple Sri Veeramakaliamman
many ganeshas
Ganesha’s birthday is somewhere around August or September…he is the Hindu god of many things including intellect, science and a remover of obstacles.
little india
Essence of flowers and spices punctuated the air of Little India.
indian food
It was chicken, and delicious, that’s all I know.


Loud, gregarious Chinatown…cheap souvenirs, if you’re into that sort of thing
crocodile oil
Supplement trade – this is how exotic and not so exotic animals are exploited.

Bugis Street

bugis street shops
Market place on Bugis Street, this area was known for it’s outdoor bazaars, foods, art scene and transvestite adult entertainment at night.

‘The Jewel’ at Changi Airport

largest waterfall
World’s largest indoor waterfall at the Jewel…it opened up last month.
people on nets at airport
Nets that you can walk or bounce on…over the top of people at ‘The Jewel’. It costs about $8 I think.  If you go to this airport, don’t go through customs…you can’t visit it…just walk on over and check it out, then go to customs.

Singapore in general…

singapore free clinic
A free clinic…I don’t even know what that was, but it smelled of sweet incense and it was across from my hotel.
cricket in the park
Cricket in the park on a Sunday afternoon near the Mattar MRT station.
a house along macpherson road
Just a nice little house…Singapore’s birthday was August 9th I believe and there were many houses with flags outside.

Food and Hawkers

hawker stalls
Hawker Centers are the soul food of Singapore, all the different cultures offer unique and delicious dishes for $5-10
singapore snacks
Some local snacks…the salted egg fish skin chips were actually amazingly good! I forgot the soy milk in the hotel refrigerator, but the durian moon cake, on the bottom was a  lightly sweet treat. The Dilmah tea tasted like Red Rose, which I miss so much.
Cherimoya, it’s called cherimoya….or sugar apple, custard apple, Buddha head…or just wonderful.
mangosteen and durian
Mangosteen and durian in a marketplace
no durian
In the elevator…they are not playing around… if you’ve ever smelled durian, you would understand.

Oh, this video was from Hong Kong a while ago, but I tried durian for the first time…. and the last, although it was wonderful in the little moon cake.