Japanese Boys of Summer

Hey Everybody,

As you know from last year, Okinawa hosts the Japanese Professional Baseball league and a few teams from Korea for Spring Training.  I cannot think of  a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than getting up close and personal with the two teams closest to my house: the Yokohama BayStars and Chunichi Dragons.

This is just a photo page as I shot 490 pictures and needed to show a few off. Enjoy and play ball!

day at the park
Outside the Chatan Dragons, home in Okinawa for about a month every year.
dragons gear for sale
Dragons for sale…or merchandise anyway.
little girl with ball
Before the game the little leaguers were out on their positions and the ball players came out and gave them a ball….she was overjoyed!
Shooting the crowd from the Third Base side.

slide 1

sliding 4

yoshimi close
Kazuki Yoshimi, pitcher for Chunichi Dragons
almonte smiling
Zoilo Almonte
abe throwing ball
Toshiki Abe
first base and pitching
Ball in play…

pitcher with ball

sliding outsliding out 2

sliding out 3
Out at Second Base

catching the ball

out at first
Out at First…

29 swing and miss

yoshimi dragons 19
Kazuki Yoshimi, #19 

swinging 2

almonte drop the ball.JPG
Former NY Yankee Zoilo Almonte dropped the ball.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, it was so great to be able to get close to these amazing professional athletes.