another day in paradise

hello everybody,

I went out and about yesterday, combining a trip to Cape Hedo with a little walk to Hiji Falls. Here are just a few photos…enjoy


pano hedo
Cape Hedo..
yanbaru forest
Yanbaru Forest on a wild windy and rainy day.


power spot
a power spot at Cape Hedo
Slug or snail without a shell? He seemed to be contemplating himself….slowly
Hiji Falls
I don’t know why but I’m thinking white oleander…

grass snake, good one

flash snake
Okay, here is a little fellow that crossed my path then rested his head on a small fern. There were signs all over to beware of habu, but he seemed awfully small. I shot it with natural lighting and a flash. He had about enough of me and moved off to a quieter place. I checked with the guy at the campground, he said it was a little grass snake.
naha at night
A view from a balcony in Naha.