Two roads diverged in a yellow wood

Hello Everybody,

I am writing this more than a week after my return from New York while the wind rages and Typhoon Saola makes her way across Okinawa.

It was strange to be back in my childhood home, sleeping in ‘the boys’ room’ and driving around on the right side of the road.

A few thoughts about differences since I’ve been away…

  1. Five Guys cheeseburgers now make me sick…I don’t know what happened, but the thing I had been dreaming about, let me down. After three bites I couldn’t continue… Wendy’s baconnator however always delivers.
  2. Driving at night in upstate New York will always get your heart pumping in a very unpleasant way… I had several deer by the side of the road, one slowly trotting in front of me and outside of Windham (near the Chicken Run) where he probably glutted himself in the dumpster, a fat little rascal of a raccoon sitting in the road like it was his living room.
  3. Food portions are very large and bad driving habits seem much worse when you’ve been out of the country for more than a year.

I had the opportunity to see some great friends, you know who you are, to share experiences and reconnect and to appreciate time spent face to face. I also had the realization that although I didn’t see a great many of the people I expected to, it’s okay because we do keep in touch on the internet. And for an introvert like myself, that is just fine too!

Fairy handkerchief – the dew in a web on a cool October morning.
beaver st
Casting their reflections upon the waters…a little beaver has been busy constructing a new lodge.

So many of these photos were taken when I had the opportunity to go into the woods, my true home, and have long conversations with Mother Nature. She talked to me in the crisp breezes, the leaves crunching under my wet sneakers, the smell of cedar and pine needles scattered along a quiet abandoned railroad path. Nature always has something to say and something to show.

little mouse
a little mouse amidst the birch bark and fallen leaves.


bright leaves
a yellow wood along Potter Hollow…

I had unique experience of seeing my first mink in the woods, then quietly approaching and photographing it while it regarded me cautiously on a branch about 15 feet away. What a thrill! The little mouse pictured above was also a pleasant surprise, however the mink was patient, the mouse disappeared as I checked the settings on my camera.


mink beautiful light
my first and only encounter with a mink…
looking left mink
ferns and rocks and moss
I imagine little gnomes living in here…
oak leaves
Oak against an October sky
wasp nest
gorgeous wasp’s nest
beef cows
yes, this too is New York…meet the locals
Season’s last raspberries

I am leaving this blog with a little wooly bear who had dew trapped in its colorful hair and the question of what sort of winter is he predicting for Grand Gorge, New York?

dewy wooly bear
winter predictions

See you soon, I have a trip plotted for Hakodate, Hokkaido in November!