It’s always our self we find in the sea…

Hello Everybody!

I have been missing Maeda Point for some time and this morning I decided to go out and get back into the water. So today’s blog is just photos and a few videos…

maeda in the water
Getting in
blue cave
blue cave
feeding to the left
these little fish were hanging out with me all day….
wierd fish
I don’t know what these guys are but I only encounter them at Maeda…


Photobomb….I was just shooting the little yellow fish and these guys came in
yellow tails
the sun captured in their tails…
fish little and otherwise
suspended in a sea of small fish…
really good fish
electric blue…
colorful fish
they look like they’re having a conversation
blue orange fisth
strange little fish…
more scuba
yellow fish facing left
just passing through…
crown of thorns coral
crown of thorns coral?
waters and rocks
near the blue cave
oki through the rocks
Maeda Flats
Tired but happy…
walking through the sugar cane  back to the car

So I’m relaxing for the rest of the day…heading to Manzamo tomorrow and Thursday will find me in Tokyo….after that….only the Shadow knows…

have a great week….