Okinawa ….my true North

Hello Everybody!

I have been out and about over the past two weekends, enjoying the island, wandering into dark caves and blinded by sun-drenched beaches.

Yesterday I made my fourth sojourn to Cape Hedo, and only this time did the sun accompany me. How glorious.

Last weekend I again went to Yabuchi, Hamahiga, Henza, Miyagi and Ie islands…don’t be that impressed, they are all next to each other and overseen by Katsuren Castle.

So I will just be doing a photo blog this week, I hope you enjoy! Next weekend I am off to enjoy the splendors of Osaka for my third time…

yabuchi cave ruins
Yabuchi Cave…utaki, power spot


mouth of the cave
Yabuchi Cave, from the inside out….looking out of a dragon’s mouth.
dragons teeth glimmer
Stalactites…or dragon’s teeth?
bat hanging out
Just hanging out…and wanting to be left alone
hermit with shells
Hermit shell with small shell
house cleaning crabs
Cleaning house…he was throwing out all kinds of sand on that poor little blue crab on the left.
red dragon flyy
Dragon fly at Nuchi Masu salt factory on Miyagi-jima.
nuchi masu
Lush Miyagi-jima
pano ecs side
East China Sea from Cape Hedo
coral water
Coral on the Pacific side of Cape Hedo.
vertical point
East China Sea and snorkelers
sweet pea flower
Flowers everywhere, all the time in Okinawa.
utaki at hedo
Utaki at Cape Hedo, East China Sea side.
Observatory….Yanbaru Kuina. I went searching the back roads in search of the Yanbaru Kuina and found….
little bird
Akahige ….red beard…the Ryukyu Robin.
inquiring bird
This Uchinanchu quickly got tired of my intrusion into his domain….
Down to Kin to try the Okinawan/American specialty for the first time….
taco rice
Taco Rice….taco insides – ground beef, lettuce, tomato and cheese over rice!

Have a great week or two! I’ll be off to Osaka next….