A Descent into the Maelstrom

Hello Everybody!

As I sit here in this beautiful seaside apartment, I am awaiting the arrival of a most interesting guest…Chaba. My first typhoon.  Now this isn’t just an ordinary typhoon, lord no, this is a Super Typhoon!

Now, I have learned that I am surrounded by typhoon experts, much like at home when we get all these blizzard warnings. In the same way that everyone runs out for bread and milk at home, the stores were jammed with people stocking up. I always laugh and think, don’t people keep bread and milk in their houses already? And what are they going to make with bread and milk? Perhaps I have too much time on my hands to think!

But everyone here has a theory, an explanation, a way of telling just how big it will be, what shape it will take, how intense it will be and how long it will last. This morning I had a conversation with someone who thought it would be bad because all the bugs and geckos were trying to get in the house whenever a door was opened. You know, that one made sense to me…always look to the natural world, the animals and bugs are in rhythm with the world.

So, I have spent quite a while waiting for a typhoon, I have been here for a year now…well about a year and two weeks, but no typhoon. And this is unusual, over here the typhoons are part of the natural cycle and the rain fills the reservoirs. We have had plenty of rain, but I’ve been waiting and waiting.

Yes, by the way, I am one of those people who goes out in blizzards, or hurricanes or typhoons, to glorify in the force of nature. The lighting in the sky is almost always so different and ominous.

Pink sky, green sea…the morning before Chaba.

So let me back up a little bit and talk about some of my pre-planning. I created my typhoon box a few months ago, adding my Clif bars, oatmeal packets, almond milk, pre-cooked bacon (yes Damien Martin, I did put bacon in there!), tuna, crackers of all kind, some Matcha KitKat bars (because hey, I may be in lock down but a girl needs her luxuries),  and of course peanut butter and jelly. Plenty of water, both in the big containers and small. All week I amazed myself with all the water bottles I own and determined in a week or so to clean them all out. My refrigerator and my bathtub is full of water.

I normally encounter a few beach people down here…not today.

I never realized I had so many plants around my yard until I started my typhoon patrol. I brought them in and put them in the entrance way, but felt very uncomfortable to have so many living things in there….normally it’s just me and the geckos.

My faithful bicycle, now complete with a bike rack behind the seat and a little basket for the front is sitting in my big room downstairs as I didn’t want to lose it or turn it into a projectile when the winds hit 150 mph! And my little scooter is chained to a concrete post…here’s hoping it will be there when I return home tomorrow.

So I will leave you with one more picture before I go…they say it is supposed to intensify and we should be getting some very strong winds, think 150 + mph, around 10 p.m. I am going to enjoy a little Japanese television and some homemade sweet potato soup with a lovely egg salad sandwich from Lawsons conbini!

My favorite place in Okinawa!

Take care and see you all soon!