Korea vs. Okinawan Sumo Tournament

Hello everybody!

There won’t be a lot of writing on this one, but I took more than five hundred pictures as I could not stop myself! I am sure all my Karateka brothers and sisters know a great deal more about this than I do, but I wanted to share some of the photos and videos of the day.

I saw the poster when I was getting ready to go and was thrilled at the prospect of being able to attend this very Okinawan tradition on Kumejima.

One quick little story and I will get on with the photos…I was up on the top deck throughout the ferry ride over, I didn’t want to miss anything, and two other people spent the time up there with me. One was a younger woman and the other was a gentleman who also had his camera out. We all smiled and nodded throughout the trip. As I was disembarking, the gentleman asked me what I would be doing in Kume. I said sightseeing and taking many photos. He asked me about the tournament. I said, Oh yes, I’m very excited about that. He said he would be there too!   So, I got to the tournament and am settled on the grass to watch the proceedings and when they finished their ceremony and the crowd parted, I noticed he was there with the Japanese contingent. He smiled and waved, another friend made along the way!

korean team
Korean Team
Okinawan team
Okinawan Team


Yoshida Katsuhiro
On the left, my friend from the ferry, Yoshida Katsuhiro!

in the airin the air 2in the air 3in the air 4

interested eyes

whirling dervishslamhead in the sandhand in belteyes

feet at tournamentgoing downclose and tight sunclearing the sanat the beginningready

sand warrior

tangle of feet

Here are some Korean style sumo photos! Gentlemen, prepare yourselves!

korean wrestlingkorean style

korean flipkorean flip 2korean flip 3korean flip 4korean flip 5

gift exchange

Gift exchange at the end of the competition.

What a great day! I think I’ll go back next year to watch again!