Independence Day

Hello everybody and Happy Independence Day!

I spent the day at my favorite place, Seragaki Beach, which is in Onna, a resort area below Nago. So, that means nothing to you if you don’t live over here. It’s about forty minutes drive from my house and it’s lovely and wonderful. I have happy thoughts about Seragaki Beach.

So anyway, I’m sorry if I’m overdoing the water shots, but it is so amazing to me. Each time I go, I encounter something new. This little camera has been worth the money!

black and grey fish
I spent about twenty minutes just watching all the fish come and go from here.


I absolutely fell in love with that little green fish on the right who kept trying to avoid me!

So I found a couple of things like the long black spiny sea urchins that are a danger if you step on them. I saw quite a few, but I have my boots and fins so I was safe.

sea urchin spike
don’t tread on me! how appropos for July 4th!

I looked up dangerous marine life when I got home and noticed one or two that I had encountered today. One was an incredibly aggressive fish, the Titan Triggerfish. I looked at the photo and realized that I got away lucky as he has some serious teeth and if they bite, it can require stitches. So here’s part of my encounter…

aggressive fish

So anyway, I’m going to add a whole slew of photos as I have to get back to studying!

turban shell
these are turbin shellfish, we’re not allowed to pick them up, but I can tell you, they are tasty!
black and blue and yellow fish
I love that black fish’s markings.
green fish and black
my buddy!
fuzzy coral
coral beds with little fuzzy things, I have no idea what they are!
spikey anemones
sea urchins and coral
fish and seaweed
I had to take a picture, he’s the same colors as University at Albany! Go Great Danes!
blue star fish and mussel
just hanging out…yes i think everyone is alive and kicking in this photo.
coral idontknow
it looked soft, but I don’t touch anything down here!
blue fish and more coral
blue fish…I don’t know why he was sad, but he was definitely blue…

So, I may be on a hiatus for the next few weeks or I may not be, we’ll see how things go. But my Japanese language class is taking up a lot of my time right now and I might need a few weeks summer break. But don’t worry, I’ll have my camera and my notebook to capture all my adventures.

Stay safe and enjoy Independence Day…and remember our military! I can tell you, they do a lot for us every day.