Back to the Garden

Hello Everybody!

I had a great semi-rainy day here in Okinawa and a trip to the Fukushu-en Garden. I’ve been wanting to go there for sometime now. Every time I pick up or drop someone off at the airport I keep seeing the signs for this place and today was the day.

When Mattia, Amanda and myself visited the Karate Memorial we happened upon the garden, but did not venture inside. In my mind I pictured a day when I had some time to myself that I could enjoy wandering around with my camera.

dragon fly
One of my first greeters of the day…there were more.

So, here’s the low down from

“Fukushu-en Garden was opened in 1992 to commemorate ten year’s of friendship with Naha’s sister city in China, Fuzhou. Indeed, most of the wood and stone used in the construction of Fukushu-en was brought from Fuzhou. Fukushu-en Garden is an authentic, walled Chinese garden laid out by Chinese and Okinawan gardeners and symbolizes Okinawa’s historic trade and cultural links with the Chinese mainland.”

So let me say this about my limited experience with Okinawans and Chinese…they don’t seem to like each other very much…or maybe the Okinawans don’t like the Chinese. They may once have had a bond, but speaking as a therapist who does couples counseling, the relationship strikes me as fraught and contentious. However, like many of the couples I counsel, there are moments when things are harmonious and beauty is created, such is the case of this garden.

the pathway lined with jasmine, chinese rose, bamboo and a plethora of flowers I can’t begin to identify.
big magnolia
This blossom was about 8 inches across…it had a buttery quality to it.
buddha bell
buddhas carved around the floors of the tower seen in the photo above the flower.

So it was only 200 yen, which is less than $2 to relax and stroll through this beautiful place. When I first got there, I had the place to myself. So I was shooting away with my camera. The amazing thing about this garden is that I forgot I was in the middle of a city until I looked up and saw some tall buildings.

Of course, every city has their beggars and this one was quite persistent!
proud turtle
This fellow struck me as very dignified. He tolerated me quite well.

Within about ten minutes, people began arriving. As I’ve mentioned before, the tourists over here are nice and polite. The only difficulty is not accidentally photo-bombing someone or getting poked with a selfie stick!

That dragon was not playing nice!

I ended up going through the garden with two sets of tourists, one lady kept fanning herself with her hand and I pulled out my little fan (thank you Daiso!) and fanned her. She laughed and I made another friend in the world!

I’m going to add another few pictures as I’m getting very sleepy as I write this. It was a glorious day! I went in search of Tsuboya Pottery Village for the third time since going down to Naha and have yet to locate it…I’m thinking it might be like Brigadoon!!

chinese close up
I have no idea who or what he is…other than fabulous!


I climbed up the stone stairs for a view from above.
chinese astrology - cow
On one of the bridges, there were stone Chinese astrological symbols…here we have the cow or ox as it’s called at home. I am partial to the cow!
door knocker
I don’t know why this photo appealed to me as much as it did…I just like it!

Have a great week everyone…a great Memorial Day, please thank an Active Duty Service Member if you see anyone and thank a Veteran for sure.

I will be exploring Tokyo next weekend so my blog may be on hiatus for a week while I am off having adventures!