Night falls on Ginowan…

Hello everybody!

So Okinawans seem to love their New Year parties. They are warm and welcoming and enjoy each other’s company and no cup goes unfilled at their tables. I am learning so much about the culture, so much about these lovely people.

With all that being said, I am so glad the holidays are over. What a week and a half. This new year has brought many parties and several nights of training.  I made many new friends and it has been very exciting…however, what a nice day to wake up and train in my tatami room  and then go off to work.

Dinner was at Hamazushi tonight…lots of raw tuna, onion and avocado along with octopus and a lovely pork soup with my friend Amanda. A lovely little crepe cake for dessert and some Matcha tea.

me at hamazushi
yes I know I’ve probably had this picture in here before…Hamazushi!

I am home again doing a load of laundry and watching an HBO series on my Amazon Prime.

I think this is the first week where I do not have a lot to write because I am simply feeling wiped out and no energy. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but a week of 4 or 5 hours of sleep takes it’s toll on a body.

But I did get one thing accomplished last week and that is my JCI! For those of you who do not live in Okinawa, the JCI is the Japanese Compulsory Inspection. So over here, once a year people will go to the doctor’s office and get an annual physical. The physical takes about 8 hours! They check everything!!! Well, the same principle applies to their cars. Once every two years, the cars have to undergo this intense inspection and make sure they are safe to be on the road.  When I bought my FunCargo back in September, I knew this day was coming and it’s been weighing on my for the past month. I have heard all these stories about people having to spend all this money and that the cars are held and you need to rent a car for at least two days…….on and on…

the day I got my FunCargo!!

So last Monday I took a personal day to recover from parties (I’ve been to more parties in the last week than I have in five years at home) and I decided to start the process of looking into the JCI.

Turns out it’s not so bad, I ended up getting my car inspected and used my limited Nihongo and considerable charms to actually pass without having to add anything. It was costly, about three hundred dollars, but I am now completely street and base legal and  am able to travel around with no worries.

So this week I am keeping this short, with apologies and looking forward to a trip to either Nakijin Village and Hiji Falls or Kumejima (by ferry)…or maybe both if I’m feeling ambitious.

Have a great week and I hope everyone had a great New Year!

shisa yomitan
Pottery at Yomitan Village!