Camping in Kube or Morning Becomes Electra

Hello Everyone!

So work has been going well, I am so enjoying having a larger caseload. I am  doing the work I have always imagined I would do. I am very happy.

So I have been wanting to do some camping since I’ve gotten here, but first I was waiting for my gear to arrive, then other things came up. I finally decided on a spot after my second visit to Sea Glass Beach in Kube, near Camp Schwab. I  know these places mean nothing to those of you who live in the states, but over here we are constantly dropping pins on our phones to places we must go.

sea glass beach pano
Sea Glass Beach on the morning of December 12.

So after having prepared my list and compiled all the little things I would need for my adventure, I headed off Friday night after work. I arrived at the beach at about 7 p.m. and backed up to a little bluff that overlooks the beach. This is one of the few places I’ve discovered where I can be alone. You have to drive through fields of cultivated plants and sugar cane. The little road deposits you right near the beach.

my car!


When I bought the FunCargo, I had this very thing in mind. I have a lovely camping pad with open core cells that expand and make it lovely and comfortable. It fit perfectly in the back of my vehicle. And while I am waiting for my new LL Bean sleeping bag to arrive, I brought my Eddie Bauer down throw (it’s fabulous, check them out!). Now when I say camping, most people expect a tent, and I do have a tent, but consider this: car camping is off the ground, so it can rain and I am dry. If there are habu, I am in a secure vehicle and I can lock myself in, just in case those crafty snakes can figure a way to open the door.

I unpacked everything, pulled out my book and my headlamp and was ready to read and just listen to the Pacific Ocean.  Well, when I camp if I can stay awake past 8 pm, it’s a miracle. I don’t think I made it that late because the tide was coming in and the crashing of the waves lulled me to sleep.

I awoke around 1 a.m. and walked outside. The night sky was glorious, I could see the milky way, Orion the Hunter (not the beiru or bakery) was overhead and a few planets blazed. It was incredible. I took no pictures of that as I wanted to just experience it without the whole camera thing.

I woke up rather late, 6:34 a.m. and thought that I had missed the sunrise. I scrambled out of the back of the vehicle, grabbed my tripod and cameras and headed down to the beach.  There is nothing like it. I was alone with the sun and the Pacific Ocean, what an experience.

sea glass beach and corall
That’s coral and sea glass kissed by the morning sun.

I had scraped up my feet and knee a little last week after swimming, so this time I brought along my water shoes. The idea of swimming in the ocean in December is utterly alien to me, but the water was warm  and inviting and I live in a subtropical environment, so what the heck? It was wonderful.

I dried off and decided to go searching for some unique pieces of sea glass and I found them. Collecting anything, Herkimer Diamonds, Labradorite or whatever, I’m always looking for the different and interesting pieces. What I’m finding here are the twisted, gnarled chunks of glass that have organic forms. It’s amazing to me that something that was massed produced can be twisted and melded by the forces of nature to appear completely different from its original form.  And I thought, we’re like that, people, I mean. Our experiences can shape who we are and what we become and though life leaves us different than who we were, we are still beautiful, we still radiate light.

sea glass green
One of my favorite finds from the weekend.
coral sea glass
Coral and shells and sea glass, oh my!

So I wish everyone well and hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and all its fun. Take time for yourself, appreciate those around you and get the most out of every day you have. I’m signing off until next week…