Churaumi Aquarium and Soseki Beach

Hello Everyone!

Another gorgeous day and week here. I am finally getting a caseload, and a sizeable one at that, I’m up to 19 and will top out somewhere around 35. I got moved into a large office with a full sized couch and very comfortable chair in addition to a big desk. I feel very important! Ha! Don’t worry, I’m not taking myself too seriously. But work is going well.

So, last week I was convinced that the Churaumi Aquarium was in Naha, but we discovered it’s actually in Ishikawa, which is above Nago. ( I say that like you should immediately understand where it is). Naha is to the south, Nago is to the north, so it was a little over an hour to get there.

It’s a giant complex and before I say anything else, let me say it’s stunningly beautiful.

hibiscus at ch
Hibiscus are all over this island…I can’t stop taking pictures of them.
female shisa at chimauri
A female Shisa – she has her mouth closed because it is filled with happiness!

Their big claim to fame are the two whale sharks, pictured above. Now I unfortunately saw the documentary “Black Water” earlier this year and have not gotten over it since.  So I was conflicted about going. It was neat to be able to see the whale sharks and the dolphins, but they did not have enough room and were just swimming in circles. I felt bad. I probably won’t be going back unless any of my visitors really want to go.

dolphin in the air
Performing for the man.
super hero and dolphin
This guy looked like a super hero.

So we headed off to lunch at a steakhouse that offered ‘Robster’, which I’m assuming is lobster, but who the heck knows! We had a nice steak that was medium rare and listened to 50’s and 60’s music.

Off to our first island – Ie – which I believe means ‘home’. Amanda, who is not only a good friend, is an excellent backer upper which comes in handy when you’re driving down tractor roads that suddenly end. We drove around investigating and ended up on a road where there were all these cars. We were sitting there and she said, I wonder what’s down there, let’s go see! So we followed… it was awesome! What a gorgeous beach!!!

It inspired me to plan a trip to Tropical Beach (about 2 miles from my house) tomorrow, where I will undertake the onerous job of lying on the beach and getting a tan…perhaps a little swimming. But no working out…as Taira Sensei says, ‘Sunday is for rest!’

See you all online! Have a great week!!

Oh and before I go, since Veteran’s Day is on Wednesday, thank a vet or active duty service member…I am overwhelmingly impressed at what these Marines do for us. Their mission is not about war, it’s about integrity, character, courage and loyalty. They are not pro/anti war, they are courageous people doing a very difficult job.

They are some of the bravest people I have ever met.

soseko panorama
Soseki Beach
coral on soseko beach
Coral everywhere…and some sea glass.
me on soseko
me at the beach in my fabulous Glasco Karate shirt!