Sea glass beach

Hey Everybody!

Time to go out venturing on the East side of the island…I haven’t had a chance to check out the Pacific side yet, so in my NEO (New Employees Orientation) I met a few ladies who told me about Sea Glass Beach.  Well I decided this was the perfect weekend to give it a go. I got up and on the road by 4:53 a.m. following directions I found on (my go to source for everything Oki). So I think the directions were less than perfect, but after many wrong turns I found the beach…

beach at seaglass
looking down at the beach

So, apparently over here when it rains, people act like it’s snowing and don’t go outside…strange but true. I got quite drenched because although I had on my fabulous LL Bean rain jacket, I kept opening to shoot more and more photos. My Warrant Officer’s hat was drenched and I was a little cold for the first time in three weeks!!!! Heaven!!! Okay, back to the narrative… I had the whole beach to myself the entire time I was out there… Or so I thought. I heard a random rooster crowing, I always seem to hear roosters crowing, perhaps its an auditory hallucination signaling a good time. So I picked up a couple little shells. I put them down and then watched as they got up and began scurrying across the sand….Hermit Crabs!! It was so cool…I was laughing because as soon as I approached they stopped moving.

awesome little hermit crab
I thought this little shell was stunning, then it got up and started moving!

So I collected quite a bit of sea glass at the beach and thought my thoughts and listened to the Pacific Ocean mumbling it’s secrets to me and the Hermit Crabs, and that random chicken.

I drove back home…Ginowan City… and stopped off at my new favorite restaurant, the Nepal Spice Kitchen. It’s conveniently located a few blocks from my house and from work

Total miscommunication, all I wanted was hot ‘milk tea’…he was trying to explain to me that it didn’t come with the thing I was ordering. I said, I don’t care, I’ll pay for it separately…anyway, I got ice milk chai…not what I was expecting. I also ordered the mixed vegetable curry and ended up with the chicken and egg curry, but guess what? It was great! So in my former life, when I didn’t get the food I wanted or things didn’t go my way I would have an attitude…In this new life, I’m just rolling with it, because I’m finding that sometimes these little happy accidents take you down roads you’ve never been. And that’s not so bad! Have a great night everyone!

I love these guys...
I love these guys…