Gaijin on Araha Beach

right hand funcargo
So here is my new FunCargo from the inside…it’s quite fun to drive, hence the name I suppose. We decided to go down to the Fish and Farmer’s Market in Ginowan. Afterward we took a ride by my new house in Isa. Then off to the beach!!
She looked like she was happy and having a good time. Her photographer kept up a patter non-stop. I thought, gee I never talked that much when I was a wedding photographer…cultural differences!
more flowers...
These are wild flowers that just grow all over the beach. It’s a few blocks from where I’ll be living. I am told that Araha Beach is a big tourist destination for locals and tourists from the Mainland. There were two wedding parties being photographed on the beach while we were there. Amanda and I congratulated them as they left the beach.
beach scene
To the right of this photo, one of the brides was posing for her photos.
memorial at araha
I have no idea what this is for or about, other than it is beautiful. Araha Beach has a lovely path that goes all the way to Sunabe I believe.
cat with fish
This enterprising little maneki neko (lucky cat) caught a fish for lunch! There are many cats that live on the beach, they are adept hunters and fishers.
We didn’t know the name of this restaurant, but didn’t see any Y plates, that means no Americans. The parking lot was full of cars, so we ventured in. I got the Goya and Pork set. A set is a bunch of different things at one price. I also have here soba noodles, a little plate of fresh ginger and rice…all for about 11 dollars. The goya is the green semicircles you see in the top plate. Very bitter! But very nutritious…every day I eat a few slices to get used to it.