New orientations in the Orient

Eventful day!  All of us Newbies had orientation today with concludes with us taking our SOFA ( I can’t remember what it stands for, so don’t ask) license tests. Well there were a lot more of us than I thought, about 50 people in this freezing room, spending the day learning about habu, banana spiders, sea urchins and deadly tides. Oh yeah, typhoons and evacuation strategies and how to use emergency services. But no worrries, Okinawa is safe…as long as you don’t encounter a moray eel…whatever!

Anyway! I passed my test!!!! We were all sweating it but all three of us who are clinicians passed. So I immediately texted the FunCargo owner and let him know.  After returning to the Westpac for the night, I got on the phone with Navy Federal Credit Union (if you’re able to join, they are the BEST banking people I have ever dealt with) and started talking auto loan. I was instantly approved, the young man who helped me said he’s never had a car loan go through instantly overseas. So I guess I’m special!! So anyway, tomorrow I hopefully will be a proud owner of a little car and they are going to trust me to start driving around, which totally blows my mind.

Tomorrow we also go and look at apartments with housing agencies. For the rest of this week our job directives are to find apartments and cars!! What a great job!!!!!! So here are a few photos from today! I hope all is well back home.

tomorrow it is mine!!
apartment at waterfront
from living room balcony at Waterfront in Sunabe seawall…my own private beach and they provide a car…I’m leaning this way.
bedroom at waterfront
bedroom view in Waterfront Manor at Sunabe seawall area..
me and SOFA license
me with my new SOFA license! look out Okinawa, I’m licensed to drive…oh and they consider us Americans ‘professional’ drivers!
me and shisa
Sorry for the repeat Facebook readers, but I have quite a few people who do not look at Facebook. This is in front of Ocean Breeze where we’ve had lunch the last few days. Shisa dogs protect the building and us regular folks from evil spirits!!

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