Another day…

Hello everyone!

Before I begin, just a little note…if you want to see any of these photos larger, just click on them… now back to the  regularly scheduled program.

So today began with a new friend, Yuko, the housekeeper at the Lodge. She and I had a lovely cultural exchange as she said her English was not good and I only speak sukoshi (little) Japanese. She and I inspected my fresh fruit and vegetables from the farmers market the previous day. She informed me that I made some good choices! The fruits and vegetables are grown locally (on Okinawa) and no Monsanto to be seen or heard over here!  Yuko came in the little apartment and commented, “Clean!” So we got off to a good start right away. It’s amazing the conversations when you’re both trying very hard, but don’t really speak the language. We were making ourselves understood through body language, gestures and photos! I showed her my mother’s picture and she said “Mamasan!” and then said, “you miss”. I said Hai, I do miss my mother. Wonderful…we keep bowing in the hallways now.

This morning my sponsor picked up Amanda and myself and took us down to Sunabe Seawall to the Chicken House for brunch. It was very good, we met a couple of her friends and chatted for hours. I have been looking at this one place, Waterfront Manor Resort, we drove by that. It has a private beach. I will be checking that out! We went into a surf shop so one of Lauryn’s friends could investigate paddleboards, the owner took us to the top floor of his shop and showed us the boards he designs. Hot Curl, the only place you can get them in the world, good old Okinawa. He explained the differences in the boards, which ones cruise, which ones surf…educational! Then over to get an appointment for toenails and fingernails (not me, Heaven forfend) for Amanda and Lauryn. A little too girlie for me…

The photo at the top of the page is of scuba tanks for rent along the seawall.

near sunabe
Coco’s is the place for fingernails, toenails and calf massages…
sunabe sea wall
Sunabe Sea wall, you can just put in with your paddleboard, surf board or just swim!

We then drove around Chatan for a while and looked at houses there. I liked quite a few places….decisions, decisions. Then off to this wonderful little Indian Curry restaurant (which is really Nepalese). This little restaurant could be the tipping point for me in deciding where to live.  Spicy, full of flavor vegetable curry with fluffy rice and a milk tea….all for about $8. Food is inexpensive here.

Back to base, Amanda and I wandered out to the Exchange to pick up some necessities, laundry detergent, fabric softener (Snuggle Blue Sparkle kicks a$!), coffee filters and paper towels. I made a makeshift filter from toilet paper last night and although it worked quite well, I wanted to go back to traditional filters!

I got myself some nice little chopsticks as I’m going native and when in Okinawa, you know the rest…

my chopsticks
my new little chopsticks…dragonflies abound!
front of west pac
Waiting for our taxi at Westpac, this was our view.

So, I’ll sign off here for now as I go to iron my clothes for my first day of work tomorrow.

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