First day…

This was nice! In Tokyo last night
fish snacks
Dried fish snacks anyone? Anyone? At the Ginowan Farmer’s Market today.

Hello from Camp Foster!

What a first day! I got in last night at about 9 pm, met with my sponsor and one other counselor and my new supervisor. Surprise, surprise, there are three of us starting these positions, so once again I will not be going through this alone. I got back into my lovely little suite and unpacked and put everything away. I climbed (not kidding, the bed is very high) into a lovely smushy comfortable bed. I turned on the educational channel to watch a little documentary about Okinawa.  I got a good night’s sleep.

This morning I was up and out to run at about 6 a.m. I only encountered three other people, two men and one woman wearing a long sleeved black shirt..I was like whaaaat??….it was already getting humid. I brought my little Sony camera with me just to grab some shots and explore. I did two miles barefoot, but walked a lot after the first mile.

My sponsor had a yoga thing today so Samantha, another sponsor (who is awesome by the way) took me and Amanda (another newbie) out on the town…I am now the proud owner of a new iphone. From there we went to look at some cars. I have my eye on a Honda Spike, it’s got seats that fold to the floor and I can camp safely in the back. I am looking forward to tooling around in that. Oh, and there are Toyota Vitz’s here all over the place, they are the Yaris!!

Samantha took us to this wonderful sushi place and they had Habu Sake there. So here’s some education for those of you who do not know what habu are. They are venomous snakes, and quite aggressive I am told. Well, they take these habu and put them in Sake to make it more potent or whatever. Well there they were sitting in a big jar…I averted my eyes out the window instead! I had this delightful ‘Spicy Caterpillar’  sushi there, fresh tuna and avocado…a thing of beauty and so fresh!!!

Then it was off to the Farmer’s Market where I loaded up on all kinds of fresh food, beni imo chips (purple sweet potatoes indiginous to Okinawa), spinach, dragon fruit, papaya (where they show a picture of the farm), two beni imo – for the microwave later! The cashier and I had a conversation and were old friends by the time I checked out. Another lady in line joined in…It is true what everyone says, the Okinawan people are lovely and generous of spirit. They are friendly and patient with a Geijin! I said Gomenasai (which means I’m sorry), and the cashier said, ‘you will do fine, in time, in time’. I said next time I speak better Japanese and Uchinaguchi.. she laughed and waved at me!  Outside the farmer’s market, many elderly people sat and ate, I bowed my head and smiled, they waved and yelled Konichiwa!

Everyone has been so wonderful and this is only day one. Tomorrow, we brunch! We will be by Sunabe and look at some places where there might be an apartment available. Well that’s my little update for now.

Keep those comments going..I feel like I’m sharing this adventure with all you at home!

me at araha
Me at Araha Beach…this is where I will find my apartment, is there any doubt?
honda spike
This might be my new car! A Honda Spike with seats that fold to the floor and I have plenty of room to camp in the back!!
more araha, baseball stadium
Also Araha Beach, near American Village, lots of good shopping too!
morning from westpac
Morning from my room at Westpac Lodge.
some of the cars
Some of the interesting little vehicles here…I love that Honda with the snub nose…
Oh what big eyes you have! Fresh fish just caught in Ginowan fish market.
The entry to Araha Beach…that little bridge is part of the running trail….yeah I’m going to live here!
Shisa dog at HQ as the sun was rising.

7 thoughts on “First day…

  1. I just watched a little documentary on habu sake. Very interesting. Not a big fan of snakes so it seems like an appropriate use for them, lol. Be on the lookout for an onsen (Japanese bathhouse) I’ve always wanted to go to one, so you will have to fill me in, Can’t wait to read about your next adventure. Starting a vacation fund with loose change, because I would love to visit while you are there! It’s only been on my bucket list since I was like ten, lol. Enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Finally, I can like and comment! This is wonderful to see. I can relax now! 🙂 I’m happy you’re in good company and enjoying so much of what just seems to be natural to you, the diet, the culture, etc. Wonderful to see. How soon will you be able to begin training in martial arts over there? Love the Spike!


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